What is PostTube?
PostTube is a plugin that convert your WordPress post to video.
How does it work?
Once you publish a post, PostTube convert that post content into audio speech then convert it again into a video.
How does it generate audio from a post?
PostTube uses Google Text-to-Speech API. So you need to get API key from Google in order to use the plugin. Total characters per request is 5000.
How does it generate video from a post?
PostTube use the speech audio and add one single image into the video. You need to provide an image for the video.
What are the system requirements?
You need to have at least 2 GB memory + 2 CPUs to have a good performance. However in our tests even DigitalOcean’s 5$ droplets worked fine.
Below extensions and features must be installed on your server;
mbstring, cURL, zip, xml, DOM, BCMath, shell_exec, ffmpeg 4.x.x
Plugin wont work until all these features are enabled.
Is it free?

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